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In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Light of Truth Center, Inc.

The Light of Truth Center has been providing safe, supportive housing to women in recovery since 1999.  Funding from the Abell Foundation will support increasing the hours of its clinical supervisor and staff to align with COMAR requirements.  This will allow LTC to bill for and provide Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)  and Outpatient (OP) level of substance abuse treatment on-site to its clients and members of the surrounding community.  

Digital Harbor Foundation

With the Baltimore Rec-to-Tech Fellows Program, Digital Harbor Foundation aspires to  build long-term capacity of Baltimore City Recreation and Parks and other community partners to provide meaningful, afterschool and summer tech programs for youth in up to five City Recreation Centers.

Civic Works, Inc.

The Center for Sustainable Careers (CSC) has built a multi-tiered green career “pathway out of poverty” by training and placing Baltimore City residents in the brownfields remediation and residential energy-efficiency industries.  Across its programs, CSC has maintained an average job placement rate of 93%.  Since 2014, 81% of graduates have remained employed for at least one year.

Citywide Youth Development / Center for Urban Families, Inc.

Citywide Youth Development is a nonprofit organization that teaches young people in Baltimore entrepreneurial skills.  With funding from the Abell Foundation, Citywide Youth Development will renovate a 10,000 square foot building on North Avenue to establish the EMAGE (Entrepreneurs Making and Growing Enterprises) Center.  The goal of the Center is to use entrepreneurship and manufacturing as a crime prevention, poverty eradication, and community revitalization strategy.  The Center for Urban Families serves as the fiscal agent for the grant.

Catholic Charities, Inc.

The Samaritan Center – a project of Catholic Charities – offers to help people resolve emergency needs and increase self-sufficiency through information and referral services, direct financial assistance, and advocacy. This grant supported the Traveler’s Aid program, which offers travel vouchers to 175 people annually experiencing a crisis that requires travel to a new location. Voucher recipients are typically unemployed adults in search of employment, substance-use treatment, family reunification, or fleeing an abusive relationship.  

CASH Campaign of Maryland

The Baltimore CASH Campaign—Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope—was launched in 2001 to increase access to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a powerful work incentive and poverty-alleviation tool, lifting more families out of poverty than any other federal aid program.  Now a program of the CASH Campaign of Maryland, Baltimore CASH plans to serve 10,000 Baltimore residents by operating 15 to 20 free tax preparation sites, continuing its efforts to build high volume sites that can provide quality tax preparation, and asset development services.

Blue Water Baltimore, Inc.

Blue Water Baltimore advances clean water and watershed protection and elevates citizen concerns through multiple fronts: water and outfall sampling, data collection and scientific analysis, outreach and education, green infrastructure installation and tree plantings, cultivation and sale of native plants, targeted policy work, legislative advocacy, as well as litigation to hold polluters accountable under the Clean Water Act. This grant provides staff support to address top pollutants plaguing Baltimore City and its waterways: stormwater runoff and sewage overflows.

Banner Neighborhoods Community Corporation

Banner Neighborhoods and Southeast Community Development Corporation are teaming up to ensure a fair, accurate and inclusive 2020 Census count among hard to reach populations of imigrants and seniors in neighborhoods in Southeast and East Baltimore. Outreach efforts include an awareness campaign in schools, door to door visits, presentations at senior centers and senior housing communities, along with Spanish language radio advertising and public service announcements.


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