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In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Shepherd's Clinic

Shepherd’s Clinic offers primary and specialty medical care to uninsured adults by leveraging an extensive network of volunteer doctors, nurses and other health professionals. On-site specialty services include cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, women’s health, diabetes management, mental health, and wellness services. The clinic seeks to increase access to health care services for the uninsured, manage chronic diseases, and improve health and well-being. This grant provided Shepherd’s Clinic with general operating support. 

School Colors / Fund for Educational Excellence

Chronic absence has soared in Baltimore City Public Schools, with nearly 40% of students missing 18 or more days of school. Lacking required uniforms is a key reason that some students miss school. In 2019-20, School Colors will serve 28 Baltimore City Elementary/Middle Community Schools, partnering with Community School Coordinators to assess the need/sizes for school uniforms, provide uniforms at no cost to students, and monitor the distribution/impact of uniforms throughout the school year.

The Samaritan Community

The Samaritan Community provides assistance to meet the needs of families and individuals who are in crisis and wish to improve their lives. This grant supported the Crisis Intervention Assistance and Empowerment programs, which include a food pantry, clothing and household goods, financial assistance, case management, and individual and group counseling. Other services include access to a computer room and referrals to other agencies, including health and mental health clinics, drug treatment providers, and employment programs. 

Public Justice Center, Inc.

The Public Justice Center's Health and Benefits Rights project works to improve access to crtical services for vulnerable individuals throughout the state, through a combination of research, education, advocacy,and litigation.   Over the coming year, the project will focus on three key priorities: 1) reducing maternal mortality, with a specific focus on reducing racial disparities in maternal mortality; 2) monitoring and enforcing state and federal laws requiring Maryland to pay for treatment of Hepatitis C for individuals on Medicaid; and 3) ensuring that state agencies and private healthc

Parks & People Foundation

Parks & People Foundation builds and revitalizes public spaces, supports greening groups and nonprofits with material and grant donations, and hosts out-of-school time programs for city-youth from low-income backgrounds that integrate environmental education, outdoor experiences, and social-emotional development. This grant supported the middle school sports program, which provides public school students after-school athletic enrichment with an integrated character development curriculum.

Office of the Mayor

Funding from the Abell Foundation will support the salary of a Warrant Service Analyst who will assit with evalutating and reconfiguring Baltimore City's warrant service to focus on violent and repeat offenders.  By prioritizing warrants, the Police Department and the Sheriff's Department increase the likelihood that law enforcement will catch violent and repeat offenders and will help both agencies more effectively deploy limited resources.

New Leaders - Baltimore

With Abell start-up funding, New Leaders has recruited, trained, supported, and developed 111 principals in Baltimore City Public Schools since 2005. In collaboration with City Schools, New Leaders will launch a new two year Principal Preparation Academy that combines a Foundational Year with the second year Residency Year. In addition to its Induction Academy for 10 first-year New Leaders principals, the organization will train up to 40 leaders in 2019-20 and produce 9 new prinicpals in Summer 2020.

Maryland Hemp Education Corp.

Maryland Hemp Educational Corporation was newly formed to provide the public with research, information and educational resources on industrial hemp and to promote the development of a hemp industry in Maryland. Recent changes in law allows the cultivation and sale of hemp, a crop with wide ranging uses and applications including rope, fabrics, paper, insulation and construction materials, as well as food and beverage products. Education and outreach efforts will include creation of a website, sponsored training and navigating the regulatory process for growing and processing hemp.

Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative Education Fund, Inc.

In 2019, the Maryland General Assembly passed a law creating a new program to identify people who are eligible for but not enrolled in health insurance, and provide support to assist them in enrolling in affordable insurance plans.  When fully implemented over the next few years, this new "Easy Enrollment" program is projected to enroll 50,000 currently uninsured people in Medicaid, 70,000 in fully subsidized private insurance, and 100,000 in partially subsidized private insurance.


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