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Urban Teachers

With Abell Foundation start-up funding, Urban Teachers launched a new model of teacher preparation in 2009, recruiting outstanding college graduates, training them in a year-long clinical preparation, and linking their certification to demonstration of effective teaching practices and student learning gains. Urban Teachers is currently training 100 new incoming Resident Teachers who co-teach with mentor teachers for the first year of a four-year commitment. With this grant, Urban Teachers will implement a new digital recruiting and marketing initiative that will more efficiently target talented and diverse candidates, with a focus on men, STEM majors, people of color, and speakers of multiple languages, for its teacher prep program.The goal of the project is to increase the number of highly effective, culturally competent teachers of color hired with no decline in the quality of candidates. As importantly, the new marketing approach is projected to cut the cost of recruitment by 40%, from a current baseline of $7,000 per hired candidate.


Baltimore, MD
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