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Past Grants

The following grants are in excess of $5,000 and were awarded in 2019.


Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Takoma Park, MD

Chesapeake Climate Action Network will expand its Maryland Healthy Communities Campaign to advocate for waste disposale alternatives and solutions in Baltimore City, reduction in emissions from landfills, and eliminate subsidies for incineration in Maryland. The goals are to improve recycling and composting, reduce litter and trash pollution in streets and waterways, and reduce pollution generated by incinerators and landfills.

Maryland Department of Transportation Port Administration

Baltimore, MD

The Maryland Port Administration of the Maryland Department of Transportation will install an innovative Algal Flow-way Technology (AFT) system to improve water quality in the Harbor. Sediment-laden Harbor water will be pumped across an inclined screen raceway to colonize algae and capture the nutrients, removing pollution and discharging cleaner water. The best management practice technology will be used to meet Port water quality requirements.

Smart Surfaces Coalition

Washington, DC

Baltimore will have the opportunity to be the very first city in the country to customize and utilize an analytical tool to document and weight the costs versus the health and fiscal benefits of investment in smart surfaces (cool and green roofing, porous paving, tree canopy and green infrastructure) to address a city that is about 70 percent paved or roofed. As low income residents suffer disproportionate impacts of air pollution and higher summer temperatures in areas characterized by little greenery and prevalence of dark impervious surfaces, the tool will be used to help Baltimore adopt cost-effective solutions to cut excess heat radiation from buildings and hard surfaces, reduce flood risk and manage surface water runoff, an improve livability, health and equity while saving money and creating jobs.

Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore creates and manages Baltimore’s Waterfront and oversees the Waterfront Management Authority. It will build an interpretive stormwater management feature within a kinetic playground at Rash Field Park. The rain garden will provide opportunities for immersive environmental education. With a focus on age-appropriate childhood development, the site will feature interpretive signage and interactive lesson plans that can be used by local science teachers. This grant provides support for capital costs for the designated stormwater management area. 

Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Takoma Park, MD

Waterkeepers Chesapeake is a coalition of nineteen independent programs working to make the waters of the Chesapeake and Coastal Bays swimmable and fishable. As an affiliate partner with the Indiana-based Clear Choices Clean Water organization, Waterkeepers Chesapeake will launch a community education and behavioral change campaign to highlight the effects densely populated areas have on water quality. This grant provides programmatic support for the launch of Clear Choices Clean Water Baltimore.

WYPR - Your Public Radio

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore and Maryland face critically important and increasingly difficult environmental issues and public health challenges while news organization coverage has shrunk dramatically over the last decade. WYPR, Baltimore’s local radio station, offers “The Environment in Focus,” a weekly program providing listeners with engaging and informative stories about the environment and environmental issues from air pollution, sea level rise, and endangered species to relevant federal rulings, state policy analysis and city actions. This grant pays the full production costs of the weekly radio program.


Arena Players Incorporated

Baltimore, MD

Arena Players is the oldest continuously operating African-American community theater in the US. A comprehensive renovation of its theater facility will include upgrades to the main stage, a complete renovation of the second and third floors and exterior repairs and improvements. This grant provided support for staff project management.

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Baltimore, MD

Chesapeake Shakespeare brings theatre to Baltimore City with productions of Shakespeare and other plays of classic stature. At the end of its 16th season, CSC served more than 32,000 student and patrons. This grant provides support for costs associated with the construction of an elevated and closed pedestrian bridge that would connect the CSC Theater to educational and administrative space in a nearby building.

Hippodrome Foundation, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

The Hippodrome Foundation introduces Maryland students and community members to the arts via the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center. The three buildings that comprise the Hippodrome Theatre welcome 250,000+ patrons annually and offer Broadway shows. The Hippodrome Foundation will complete renovations of the fourth building in the complex – the M&T Bank Pavilion – for use as a community art and event space. The space will be programmed for youth arts education, community performances, and private events.