Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

Newborn Holistic Ministries, Inc.

Newborn Holistic Ministries, Inc. (NHM) was created in 1996 as an outreach ministry of the Newborn Community of Faith Church, located in the Sandtown-Winchester area. Its outreach ministry has focused on the Sandtown-Winchester and Upton communities. These predominately African-American communities have a combined population of 25,500 as of the 2010 U.S. Census, with 40 percent of the families with children living in poverty. According to the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance Vital Signs (2006-2010), the median household income for Sandtown-Winchester was $23,974, and the median income for Upton was the lowest in the city at $13,811. 

In response to the high addiction rate in these communities and the lack of programs for female addicts, NHM developed a residential facility for addicted women, Martha’s Place. Founded in 2000, Martha’s Place operates a highly structured substance abuse treatment program and provides intensive counseling and training to teach residents how to maintain sobriety and live independently. The program offers both a six-month transitional phase and a longer-term permanent housing phase; it serves approximately 45 women per year. In 2013, its transitional housing program had a success rate of 61 percent, and its permanent housing program had an 89 percent success rate. NHM defines success as clients transitioning out of the program with a job and securing housing. 

In 2014, the Abell Foundation gave NHM a grant of $45,000 to support Martha’s Place and the work of Newborn Holistic Ministries. In the past, the Abell Foundation has supported other NHM efforts such as Jubilee Arts and renovations to six previously vacant and dilapidated buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue now used as supportive and permanent housing.   Jubilee Arts is a cultural arts program that works to decrease involvement in drug activity and violence by using art as a tool for social change and community development. Jubilee offers 16 classes weekly to 1,000 children and adults annually.