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In Baltimore And In Maryland.

CASA of Maryland

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CASA of Maryland opened the Baltimore Workers’ Employment Center at 2224 East Fayette Street on December 19, 2007. The center provides employment placement services for day laborers and low-income workers who assemble early in the morning in the hopes of being picked for low-paying jobs in construction; landscaping; home improvement; sanitation; and other day-to-day, low-skilled, labor-intensive jobs. The center was established to reduce the risk of unfair, illegal treatment and exploitative practices faced by many day laborers. CASA provides employment placement services at the center from 6 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday. Although many of the day laborers served are Latino immigrants, the center also serves other immigrants as well as African-American and white day laborers. 242 workers in daily jobs with a total of $170,505 in earnings, 35 workers in temporary jobs with a total of $34,719 in earnings, and 34 workers in permanent jobs with a total of $275,940 in earnings.  CASA also provided 214 Baltimore workers with vocational and work readiness training, with 89 percent of vocational training graduates demonstrating learning gains as measured by pre- and post-training testing.