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Betamore is a technology, entrepreneurship, and education-focused organization located in an 8,000 sq. foot campus in Federal Hill.  Its goal is to foster the growth of a technology community and a technology-savvy workforce in Baltimore City. Betamore’s focus on business incubation and ongoing professional development is the latest iteration of the Abell Foundation’s efforts to support the growing technology industry in Baltimore.

At the core of Betamore’s work is providing classes and workshops for businesses, entrepreneurs and unaffiliated individuals who are looking to expand or deepen their skill and knowledge base. Recently, Betamore expanded its education programming to include: 1) classes of 60 to 90 minutes designed to teach fundamentals in technology, business, and design; 2) workshops of varying duration that include the use of case study reviews, hands-on prototyping, and breakout sessions; 3) 10- to 12-week courses that cater to individuals looking to form a start-up company, join an established company, or hone their skills. 

In addition to classes and workshops, Betamore provides an online platform that promotes the Baltimore region’s technology entrepreneurs and innovators. It connects startups, large companies, universities, governments, incubators, and investors by offering a real-time directory of people, companies, events, and jobs.

Betamore’s member startup firms have raised more than $55 million in venture capital. Currently, 38 companies are housed at Betamore and enjoy immediate access to its supportive networks.  Betamore members that have outgrown the campus and have moved to larger spaces in Baltimore include ZeroFOX, a social media security company, and Citelighter, an education company that helps students to become better writers.