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Case Studies

Health & Human Services

According to the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development, “housing cost burden” (households paying a high percentage of monthly income for housing) is “by far the most common housing problem in Baltimore City,” and poor families are especially vulnerable.  The Department... Read More
In 2012, with the support of the Abell Foundation and other funders, the Johns Hopkins Harriet Lane Clinic (HLC) launched the Preconception Women’s Health and Pediatrics Initiative to connect low-income new mothers with health care to address chronic health conditions, improve their health, and... Read More
Many studies have demonstrated that children benefit – physically, socially and emotionally – from participating in team sports.  The benefits include improved health and fitness, increased confidence, and reduced likelihood of engaging in risk behaviors. Moreover, participation in youth sports... Read More
In recent years, family homelessness has become an increasing concern, both in Baltimore and nationally.  In Baltimore, families with minor children comprise more than a quarter of the city’s homeless population.  Because of the unique needs of homeless families with children, homeless service... Read More
The Tahirih Justice Center was founded in 1997 to represent women and girls seeking protection from gender-based human rights abuses.  Partnering with an extensive network of pro bono attorneys, Tahirih provides legal services to protect clients from immediate danger, and to assist them in... Read More

Community Development

The Baltimore Community ToolBank provides tools to community-based nonprofit organizations, churches and other faith-based groups, schools, neighborhood associations, and other primarily volunteer-based efforts for community revitalization.  Projects can include, but are not limited to: community... Read More
Plagued by high numbers of foreclosures, BENI has developed quality homeownership and foreclosure counseling services. BENI is a leader in community-based marketing and outreach through direct and mass mailings, community banners, and block-level outreach. This direct marketing has convinced... Read More
Betamore is a technology, entrepreneurship, and education-focused organization located in an 8,000 sq. foot campus in Federal Hill.  Its goal is to foster the growth of a technology community and a technology-savvy workforce in Baltimore City. Betamore’s focus on business incubation and ongoing... Read More
In 2010, Civic Works began building a farming operation for food production and access, workforce training, and education of Baltimore City school children on six acres in Clifton Park called Real Food Farm. Farm operations have grown to include seven production high tunnels (or hoop houses), three... Read More
Civic Works created the Retrofit Baltimore program to make it easier for homeowners in Baltimore City to make weatherization and energy efficiency improvements to their houses. Lowering the monthly costs of utilities is critically important to strengthening the financial well-being of low-income... Read More