Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Abell Brief: Fall 2016

Abell Brief Fall 2016

Working To Enhance The Quality Of
Life in Baltimore And In Maryland



FALL 2016


Urban Teachers 

Developing, recruiting, and retaining skilled teachers is essential to the success of Baltimore City Public Schools.  Founded in Baltimore City, Urban Teachers trains highly effective teachers and only certifies them after they have proven their ability to move student achievement.

Learn more about this innovative alternative certification program and the impressive outcomes of its teachers here


Keeping the Water On

Across the country, cities like Baltimore, with aging infrastructure and concentrated poverty, wrestle with meeting the costs of a safe water supply and ensuring low-income residents have access to water they can afford.  In Keeping the Water On, veteran journalist Joan Jacobson examines Baltimore's water billing system and looks to initiatives and programs in other cities and states for opportunities to reform it. Read the report here.


No Place to Call Home

According to the most recent comprehensive data from Youth REACH MD, more than 1,400 young people in Baltimore City, unaccompanied by parents or guardians, are without a safe, stable and affordable place to call home.

Author Megan Lucy describes this vulnerable population, the challenges in serving them, and national best practices for solving youth homelessness in No Place to Call Home. Learn more here.

City Connects

First implemented in Boston fifteen years ago, City Connects is a student support strategy that works with each teacher in a school to develop an individualized plan for each student. Years after the intervention ends, participating students saw a 50% decrease in drop-out rates and higher scores on math and English language arts tests than comparison students who never attended City Connects schools.

Learn more about this evidence-based approach that has successfully redesigned student support here.