Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Our Staff

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Abell Foundation professionals invest in programs, partnerships, research, and companies that offer innovative solutions to complex, multi-faceted challenges.

Robert C. Embry, Jr.
Lynn Heller
Vice President
Program Officer, Environment

Eileen O'Rourke
Chief Financial Officer
Frances M. Keenan
Senior Vice President
Tracey M. Barbour-Gillett
Program Officer, 
Community Development
Kathleen Larkin
Esthel Summerfield
Executive Secretary to
the President

Elizabeth Harber
Senior Program Officer,
Community Development
Erica Salamon
Senior Accountant

Katherine McMullen
Analyst and Executive Assistant to
the Senior Vice President

Bonnie Legro
Senior Program Officer,
Wanda Gresham
Office Manager
Amanda Owens
Program Officer,
Criminal Justice & Addiction


Theresa Staudenmaier
Senior Program Officer,
Health & Human Services
Sarah D. Manekin, PhD
Director of Research & Publications
Melanie Styles
Program Officer,
Workforce Development

Elvis Guzman
Program Officer,
Health & Human Services

Corrine Gasiorowski
Grants Associate